AtomBit Released Innovated Micro Water Quality Detector Product

Jan 2017AtomBit released the micro multi-parameters water detector productWQM3A. This product use the patented technologyfrom Atombit Technology, it support the real time multi water quality parametersdetection without any consumable items and contamination water pollution. Thisproduct can be used widely in the product that need to monitor the waterquality in real time and continually, such as water cleaner, water storageequipment, water pipeline and other clean water consumed products. Users canget the real time water quality parameters (TOC/COD/Chroma/Turbidity/TDS/Temp)from the water quality detector and monitoring the water quality in real time.

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  • On-line multi water quality parameters detection

  • Spectrum analysis without contamination pollution

  • No consumable materials & secondary pollutants

  • High accuracy with temperature calibration

  • Low power consumption

  • IP67

  • Anti-pressure and leakage

  • Easy use with international standard pipe interface

  • Compact size


  • Water filter system

  • Water purifying product

  • Water storage product

  • Drink water pipeline monitor

  • Dish washing machine

  • Ice machine

  • Clean water kitchen wares

Water Quality Parameters

  • TOC

  • COD

  • TDS

  • Chroma

  • Turbidity

  • Temperature 

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