AtomBit is an innovation company focused on spectrum analysis technology. We provide a cloud-based spectral intelligent analysis system, which include the front-end spectral sensor, spectral data compression and transmission, mathematical modeling, to provide an one stop quick and easy use spectral analysis solution and services to customers in home appliance, industry, medical and agriculture. Our solution cover the sensor hardware, data modeling, APPs and application models, build a easy access and real time spectral analysis engine, which provide a spectral database and models to different applications, now hundreds of applic ations and end products connected to our cloud and benefited from our technology, meanwhile we have more than 20 patents and software rights submitted to protect our innovation technology. The R&D team has interdisciplinary members with background in computer science, chemistry, biology, physics, mechanics and optic system with rich experience in spectrum analysis. We believe we can help our customer to release the innovation products based on our technology and solutions.
AtomBit? solution provides the spectral analysis solution covering UV, visual, near-infrared, infrared range. The system with below components, which gives everything your application needs for real time spectral analysis.
Spectral Model Database
Models are very important in the spectral analy-sis, the model and algorithm database in our spectral cloud enable an intelligent analysis engine; it provides the outstanding main tainability and scalability of system with low development cost. The database provides an easy way for users to explore the spectral world. Customer can manage their own models with on line update information without any additional efforts.
Users can use AtomBit? APPs to connect to our cloud and sensor directly to upload, download and share their models, most importantly they can view the spectral data and analysis result from the APPs very easily. Now more than thousands of spectral sensors connected to our cloud can be monitored by users with the APPs remotely
Spectral Cloud
We accumulated lots of spectral data and models in our Cloud, which build a solid foundation for applications in different industry, meanwhile we provide the interface for users to customize and manage their own models and database in Cloud.
Patent Tech
Patented low cost spectrum sensor and licens-ed tech to implement the real time liquid and solid materials analysis ,support customized sensor and solutions for different applications . Patented low cost spectrum sensor and licensed tech to implement the real time liquid and solid materials analysis , support customized sensor and solutions for different applications.


Multispectral Water Quanlity Monity


NIRP100A Micro Spectral Sensor 

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